Precedent Research

[3/3] Finding a Sense of Unity in Korea: Culture


As I continue my research for my thesis proposal, I had hit a roadblock when dealing with the architectural aspect of the proposal. In order to have a greater understanding of the existing facilities between North and South Korea, I did some “horizontal” scaled research, where I looked at a myriad of different facilities and split them into different categories, and compared them in scale, and how similar they were to the opposing side of Korea.

The Search Continues…

Yesterday, I worked on precedents involving the concert halls or theaters, and how a theater space is interpreted in South Korea vs. North Korea in reference to their respective cultures. Today I will look at museums, and their architectural elements in order for me to compare and contrast what identities these museums take in both North and South Korea.

Board 3-1.png

Culture Part 3: Museums

These precedents are directly compared by scale, and location.

2018_Template 25-1.png

2018_Template 26-1.png

2018_Template 27-1.png

2018_Template 28-1.png

2018_Template 29-1.png

2018_Template 30-1.png

2018_Template 31-1.png

2018_Template 32-1.png

2018_Template 33-1.png


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