Precedent Research

[2/3] Finding a Sense of Unity in Korea: Culture


As I continue my research for my thesis proposal, I had hit a roadblock when dealing with the architectural aspect of the proposal. In order to have a greater understanding of the existing facilities between North and South Korea, I did some “horizontal” scaled research, where I looked at a myriad of different facilities and split them into different categories, and compared them in scale, and how similar they were to the opposing side of Korea.

The Search Continues…

Last week I worked on precedents involving the cultural centers that currently exist in both North and South Korea, where I looked into what kind of architectural elements these facilities had versus how cultural exchange can be facilitated between both sides. Today I focused on the concert halls or theaters, and how a theater space is interpreted in South Korea vs. North Korea.

Board 1-1.png

Culture Part 2: Concert Halls

These precedents are directly compared by scale, and location.

2018_Template 12-1.png

2018_Template 13-1.png

2018_Template 14-1.png

2018_Template 15-1.png

2018_Template 16-1.png

2018_Template 17-1.png

2018_Template 18-1.png

2018_Template 19-1.png

2018_Template 20-1.png

2018_Template 21-1.png

2018_Template 22-1.png

2018_Template 23-1.png


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