Thoughts From Under a Tree Vol.6


Thoughts From Under a Tree is a weekly recap of the blog posts I’ve done, any thoughts that I have roaming in my head, my ever-growing understanding of blockchains and cryptocurrency, or anything in general. This whole recap session is meant for all you followers to get a better understanding of my thought process, how my brain works, and what advice you guys might have for me.

[07/16] Thesis Proposal Blockchain Acceleration Usage to Facilitate North Korean Assimilation

This was a big milestone for me, as I submitted my second draft of my thesis proposal to my respective academic curriculum. It was split into three different parts, where I focused on different aspects of the proposal per post. This was a huge milestone in terms of what my research is based on, in addition to the direction that I am taking. The inclusion of a decentralized/distributed system and the blockchain with my existing proposal led to some interesting development, including the birth of UnityCoin.

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Why League of Legends cannot be Balanced for both New and Pro Players

This article focuses on League of Legends as a game, and focusing on the whole paradox of the issue where this game cannot be balance for both pros and new players. It is actually impossible to balance a champion around the satisfaction of a whole. I feel that all of the complaints that come out from the community are somewhat justified, but the complaints are never going to stop. If you make a champion too strong, it will see endless play in the pro league, and will establish itself as a dominant pick or ban, promoting a lack of diversity. If they nerf a champion too hard to make it balance for pro play, then the champion will be useless outside competitive play, thus rendering it unplayable for the other 99.9% of casual players.

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Announcing my New Thesis-Dedicated Website!

This article is an announcement for people to know that my website is currently up and running! So far, I only have the overall thesis proposal that is updated on the featured section, but I will slowly refer back to the older thesis posts that I have so far posted on the Steemit platform and put them into the website archive.

Check out the announcement post here!

Check out the website here at unity-coin.org!

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